How to check IPO allotment status?

how to check IPO allotment status

Here’s how to check IPO allotment status of an Indian Company.

1. To check the status of IPO visit this link.

2. Choose the name of company which you’ve applied for

2. Enter your PAN Number (alternatively you may also choose to enter your application number – choose the option “Application No.”

3. Click Search

Alternatively, you may also check the status of IPO allotment on the official website of the Bombay Stock Exchange.

To check allotment of IPO on BSE’s site click this link. Then choose type as equity, choose the issue name you’ve applied for, enter your application number and PAN Number and hit search.

Congratulations! 🎊👏 If you got lucky this time.

If not, don’t worry Here’s a cool trick to improve your chances of getting an allotment the next time you apply!

Here’s a video that explains how to check IPO allotment status :

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