Shortly AI – Review and Guide

Have you tried ShortlyAI for writing a piece of content? I’ve tried using it for client work and for the purpose of this review. I will say it has been somewhat useful! Recently, I started to write content that is not SEO related which is kind of hard with this tool. It does take some time to learn about how to navigate around the interface though.

The service claims that their algorithm can provide you a piece of content in under five minutes. I tried it myself for quite a few times now and I think it helps. But you’ll still need some human intervention on your part. No AI is 100% accurate but this one gets the job done.

shortlyAI review

The content it produces is not a full piece of work that you can post online but a good base text that you can further on edit and make it better.

I am using ShortlyAI for writing this blogpost and I’ve found that sometimes it reuses same set of phrases that can be annoying for someone like me or any reader for that matter. Even your readers may it find it dull if you just rephrase same thing again and again.

I use it to help me come up with ideas for a post and then I do some research on the topic and add my own thoughts. It basically gives me something to start from because I am often stuck when trying to write my own content from scratch.

I’ve done a few experiments and I haven’t seen it write a full blog post, but given the right context, it can useful for those who are new to content writing.

I’ll recommend you giving it a try just for the sake of getting ideas. When you push the ‘write for me’ button in the left sidebar AI comes into action and writes a few phrases to begin with.

I’ve been using Grammarly for decades now and I was disappointed to see that the Grammarly integration in Shortly AI writer doesn’t exist. You may be able to use Grammarly via chrome extension but I’ve not given it a try as of now. If not Grammarly, they should introduce some sort of grammar checks into their platform.

Considering it’s price which is around 65 USD for basic plan per month I’d not recommend it for a business as it won’t be able to deliver you high quality content in a short time that you need.

It is worth noting that as of now ShortlyAI ha no app for Linux, Windows or Android which makes it only a web app. It would have been amazing if they had such an app or a keyboard app for android or iOS.

I recently tried to get in touch with them. Haven’t heard from them as of now. The support seems non responsive as I’m still waiting for their reply. Must have been a month I guess, they didn’t care to reply.


Shortly AI can help you lengthen your content just like any other free tool that exists on the web. It can help you write a few lines of content and not the whole article or blogpost. Considering its price of 65 USD for a basic plan it’s just not worth it when you can get a blogpost at just 5 USD on any of freelance websites like fiverr. Personally, I found that the support is just non responsive. I’d recommend you not to invest in such products.

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