Why Linux can’t beat Microsoft Windows anytime soon?

Most of us use a Windows device for our day to day operations. May it be your personal computer or workplace computer why does it always have to be running Microsoft Windows as the operating system?

Linux is also a good operating system which can do everything that Windows does.

Unlike Microsoft Windows, Linux is totally free 💸 to use for personal and commercial use.

Linux is also more secure 🔐, more battery efficient 🔋, open source and comes in a lots of flavours.

If everything’s so good about Linux why don’t we use Linux insted of Microsoft Windows?

Well the reason isn’t that simple you see.

Microsoft windows has been the default operating system for a long time now. Most of us in India who belong to the millennial generation have used earlier versions of Windows OS.

Ever since I was a kid I’ve been in a Windows ecosystem. I saw the first computer in my life when I was 5 and all I did on a computer was the Microsoft Paint for fun.

If I am not wrong it used to run Windows 98 on a black & white CRT Monitor.

Over the years as we grew up, so did Microsoft.

As we grow up, we used our desktop PCs for some browsing, watching photos, videos and for printing stuff and now we use it for office and work.

This wouldn’t have been possible without Microsoft upgrading itself and adapting to the need of the hour. Thus, we saw them launching Windows XP, Me, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 & Windows 11 over the years .

Thus, we’ve all been tricked to assume that a computer means a Microsoft Windows OS based machine.

We have been using it from so long that we just now how everything works! A laymen or even an illiterate would be able to draft a letter in Microsoft Office Word because he just knows the app exists. Not just the app, he’s somehow mastered the short-keys and toggle buttons.

Best Linux distributions in 2023

Do you have any alterative to Microsoft Excel?

Simple answer would be No, Correct answer would be Yes. (in fact there are many).

But wait, Why do we pay for Microsoft Office if we have a free or cheaper alternative?

Again, it’s just that we’re used to it.

We know the keyboard placements on our keyboards and if someone comes to you and says “Hey, let me rearrange the keys on your keyboard to make it more efficient to use”

What would be your reaction? Would you let him do that? Nope. Because you know even if it’s more efficient or productive you’d still have a learning curve. In short it’s a pain in the ass.. 😂

Microsoft has been collecting data and using it to improve its services and user experience all these years. Over the years the operating system has evolved to an exponential level and to the point that now Linux stands nowhere in competition.

Why Linux won’t take over Windows OS anytime soon?

1. Windows is more User-friendly.

2. Linux UI isn’t as visually appealing as that of Windows OS. (There are some very beautiful Linux distros but still it feels a bit off)

3. Linux is more confusing with different types of software packet mangers.

4. Lack of quality apps.

5. Driver support is not the best.

6. New user has a learning curve. People take time to get used to the desktop environment.

7. Emergence of Android.

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