Does Chrome VPN runs systemwide?

Have your ever wondered if the chrome VPN runs systemwide in your PC or Mac or Linux? Worry not here we have explained how a Chrome VPN extension works.

Chrome was just another program occupying your precious storage space a few years back. However, it’s impossible to imagine a device without chrome preinstalled these days.

Chrome browser extensions help you enhance your browsing experience. While some extensions help you block ads and work offline others keep you safe from phishing and other threats in real time.

A VPN plugin helps you to secure your browsing in many ways. It not only hides your IP but helps you keep your location and other personally identifiable information safe.

It is to be understood that all the extensions in the chrome browser affect the chrome environment only. These little extensions are nothing but apps that run within chrome. An extension in chrome can hardly interfere with other system elements in your Windows PC or Mac Book or Linux.

A VPN extension installed in chrome browser does not run systemwide but it runs in the same browser itself. Sometimes it may so happen that the extension won’t even run in incognito mode.

A VPN extension in any browser is not recommended for safety as your system would still be using data via other apps. If you want to keep your identity safe it is better to install VPN systemwide. If you use browser VPN and not a native systemwide VPN app there’s always risk of sharing your IP address over web.

Here’s a list of the best free VPN apps which I use systemwide :

  1. Cloudflare VPN (Try Now)
  2. TouchVPN

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