How To Get IPO Allotment For Sure?

Wondering, how to increase IPO allotment chances? or how to get confirm IPO allotment? or or how to get IPO allotment for sure? Worry not, here’s how you can increase IPO allotment chances. This definitive guide shall help you get allotment but not that I can guarantee for a confirm IPO allotment.

Many people complain of not getting any of shares allotted to them. At times, people who apply for multiple lots also face rejection and no shares are allotted to them. One must understand that when we have an over-subscription of IPO, only the luckiest of them get allotment. A friend of mine texted me the other day “how to get an IPO allotment for sure?” This process is totally computerized now a days, so there’s no question of any manipulation whatsoever. We have bought this amazing guide to help you increase IPO allotment chances. With the help of these tips and tricks you may get an IPO allotment for sure! It will surely help you to increase IPO allotment chances.

What’s an IPO? What does IPO stand for?

IPO stands for Initial Public Offering. In any company’s IPO, they introduce their equity shares to public. A company sells it shares (in lots) to public at large. IPO is when the company sells shares to public, which is different from trading existing shares via stock broker! After a successful IPO, the shares are credited to demat account of successful applicants. They may later sell them via their stock broker like Upstocks, Sharekhan etc.

how to increase ipo allotment chances

How to increase IPO allotment chances?

Don’t apply on the last date & avoid technical rejections

Don’t wait to apply until last date of application. I’ve seen many technical issues pop-up on the last day which may just won’t late you apply for the IPO itself, so there’s no reason to get IPO allotment, that’s for sure! Common issues you may experience on last day include – unresponsive broker application or website, not receiving UPI mandate request in time.

Technical rejections include errors and omissions when you apply for an IPO such as:

  1. Multiple IPO application in the same IPO using same PAN Number. (Only 1 application per PAN is allowed)
  2. Filled invalid information in IPO application including PAN Number.

Apply for IPO from multiple accounts having distinct PAN

As you know that allotment of shares is an automated process carried out by computers & nobody can manipulate the selection of applications, but wait; Kudos! you have a trick to boost your chances! If you apply from multiple accounts it’ll increase IPO allotment chances substantially. But, don’t apply from different accounts having same PAN! (i.e. don’t apply from multiple brokers in one name because all applications from same PAN are considered as one application). I personally opened free demat and trading accounts in names of all my family members to get confirm IPO allotment. Get free demat and trading accounts for your family member(s) here!

Always choose cut-off price

This one’s obvious, always apply at highest price to increase IPO allotment chances. To do this, simply tap cut-off option when you place bids. Practically speaking, if you don’t apply at cut-off price you’ll never be allotted any shares.


Apply for Single lot only, No big applications!

As per SEBI rules, single application with maximum lots is not favored any manner! That is when you apply for single lot from different accounts with distinct PAN you ultimately end up with an increased chance of getting allotted. This way you may be more assured about successful allotment.

Ensure “Blocking of Amount”

As per SEBI, all IPO applications must be applied via ASBA (Application supported by Blocked Amount) method. Thus if the amount is not blocked in your bank account, your application for IPO is still incomplete. Such blocking of amount is done electronically via e-mandate in case of Net Banking and UPI mandate in case of UPI Payment option. Such amount is visible in your bank under ‘amount in lien’ or ‘blocked amount’. Such balance is also deducted from your main balance at bank.

Kudos! On learning ‘how to increase IPO allotment chance’.

Do you know how to check the allotment status of IPO?

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