11 profitable business ideas with minimal investment in 2023

In this post we will find out about 20 highly profitable business ideas in India with low investment to open in 2023? In this collection you will find business ideas that don’t need lot of personnel, premises and capital with a large number of zeros. Let’s start!

Office Catering Services / Delivery of Ready Meal

Although food has always been and will be business, with so much offer as to what to eat, people are choosing the most original and best quality options they find.

This is where artisan food comes in. If you offer foods that, in addition to having quality and flavor, offer something different and unique that the competition does not have, the business will become a success.

The basic idea here is to prepare and deliver. You can cook delicious lunches at home and deliver them directly to the workplace to customers. This service is becoming an alternative for customers to fast food and containers from home. To start a business with the delivery of ready meals, you need a minimum starting capital – you can start with 20000 RS or less, which will not be difficult to recoup. Plus, the profit from delivering business lunches is that it is practically unlimited in volume, because you can work with as many organizations as you like.


With ever increasing number of working couples in all major cities across India expect steady growth in the years to come! Though there’s a threat of new entrants quality of meal and timely delivery will help you retain and grow. This is the best business ideas in india with low investment.

Specialised Arts & Crafts

Creative people are capable of transferring something everyday into art. If you’re capable of drawing / sketching / painting / sculpting or anything artistic dedicating yourself to art could be a great option!


You can sell your work. You can sale sketch / paintings / scluptures or any of your creative creations! You can sale such art physically through your contacts or you can always sell it online!

You can tutor others Art is a gift and not everyone is an artist! But you’ll always find people developing skills. You and your creative art can influence many people. You can easily convert them to either your consumers or your students.

The most important thing if you plan to dedicate yourself to art or crafts is that you learn how to turn it into a business. You must know how much to charge for your work and how you should value, cost and distribute your time, materials, effort and skills.

PRO TIP – You can always take help of social media sites such as pinterest / instagram / facebook to influence people with your artwork! You can grow fan following on social sites and then convert them into either consumers or students.

Pet Business

Have you ever thought of getting a pet? Do you already own a pet? If not you atleast one of your buddies have a pet at his home.

People who own pet are truly, deeply & madly in love with thier pets! This opens up the opportunity for selling pet care products and various accessories! You can also provide pet services.

As per a survey 27% percent of the metro population owns a pet at thier home! Recent surveys also confirmed that this trend is here to grow.

You can start a pet shop and a pet care products shop with minimum investment. Building and maintaining an aquarium store doesn’t cost much! Also, there’s a huge profit margin in this business. This is a high earning business ideas in india with low investment.

pet store

If you have a place to start with you can start your aquarium shop at just 30000 to 50000 RS.

You can sell various products such as:

  1. Pets
  2. Pet Food
  3. Pet Care Products
  4. Medicines for Pets
  5. Aquarium for Fish / Tiny Home for Cat or Dog
  6. Pet Toys

You can provide various pet services such as:

  1. Pet Training
  2. Pet Hyginic Care
  3. Pet Grooming

Caution : You need to be a pet lover and passionate about pets to get into this business! Don’t indulge in this business if you never had a pet!

An Online Store – Dropshipping Business

If you do not have a big budget to operate, starting an online store is an excellent option to start your business.

The advantage that the Internet gives you is that you do not need to hire a local and pay for services, you can do everything from home, only with a network connection and a computer.

business ideas in India with low investment

You can sell a lot of things online these days! But I’d suggest you start a store that specialises in a niche category. This will get you an advatage over other sites which sale everything.

A store that specialises in selling a single product with variety can outrank a store that tries selling everything. For e.g. even though amazon, flipkart and ebay also sale clothing; Myntra which deals only in clothing is people’s best choice!

Sure, at first you might not have too many customers or inventory, but the idea is that you grow. If you want to start a business of this type, you should learn about digital marketing and the basics of selling online. This is one of the digital business ideas in india with low investment requirement.


Dropshipping is relatively new way of selling online. It lets you sale products without investing in inventory.

Drop shipping is a supply chain management technique in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock, but instead transfers customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer.


You can read more about dropshipping online.

Cafeteria / Quick Snacks Store

If you live in a crowded area that has a buzzling street – start a snacks center. This is one of the most common yet effective business ideas in india with low investment.


All you need is someone who can cook some Pakodas and brew some tea. You may not belive but Pakodas are the reason why I can’t stick to the diet!

Offer foods that, in addition to having quality and flavor, offer something different and unique that the competition does not have, the business will become a success.

Plants Nursery

This business need quit some space to start with. This can be a god business idea for those of you who reside in rular or semi urban areas.

Greenhouse Nursery Flower Bed  - driesel / Pixabay

Nursery Business needs hard work and some open space! However, you can even start a nursery business on your terrace!

Plant nursery does not need a lot of investment and can get you higher returns than any other business. Government / Environment ministry and Road Transport Dept buys seeds and plants from nursery in bulk. You can also sell your plants to local farmers and gardeners.

This is one of the very few tax free high profit making business ideas in india with low investment requirement.

Mushroom Cultivation

Mushroom cultivation is one of the best business you can do. It’s also the highly under rated one.

Mushrooms are grown in green house tents. The crop needs controlled temperatures which can be easily obtained with Morden machinery. Though it might cost a bit high but no worries most of the state governments and even the central governments provide subsidies and assistance for mushroom cultivation.

The mushrooms are highly delicious and are rich in nutricious contents. You can expect huge return on investment in this business.

1kg of fresh mushroomsRs. 200 to Rs. 350
1kg of dried mushroomsRs. 750 to Rs. 900 
1 kg of powdered mushroomsRs. 1,200 to Rs 1,500

You can also produce dried, dried and packaged mushroom and sell them in market. Packaged mushroom business is mine of the most profitable businesses.

This is one of a kind and highly profitable business ideas in india with low investment requirement to start in 2023.

Hookah Bar Lounge / Smoke Shop

No, I don’t care about health!

Hookah Bars and Lounges are one of the best places where you can sight youth on weekends! Smoke shops are hotspots in lunch breaks.


If you live in metro you must be familiar with what I wanna say! As a business you can always consider opening a Hookah Bar Lounge or Smoke Shop.

You can start with your shop as a dedicted store with all variety to offer for smokers! You will need proper licence for Hookah Bar Lounge. But it’s not that difficult to obtain. Also always use permitted materials and consumables.

This business ideas in India with low investment can offer you with high return on investment. The profit margin is huge! Almost 300 percent!

Blogging / Vlogging

Okay.. this one’s is not for everyone! But if you are ready to take a long learning curve and put in your efforts consistently then yes blogging and vlogging can make you living. This is not one of business ideas in India with low investment but it can let you earn!


Blogging or vlogging can be a cheapest business idea in India with low investment. You only need to pay for a domain and hosting.

You can also start free. There are many free alternatives to consider. Here are some suggested blogging sites you can check out : You can learrn about blogging here.

FREE : 1. blogger.com

Rent a Room

No you don’t need a huge hotel to let out a room these days! Even if you own a medium sized room with an extra room in it you can let t out!


There are lot of students and bachelors who would love to avail a single room or live as paying guests. Also there are tourists looking for local experiences.

You can let out your room without any investment. You can publicize availability yourself or use apps like Airbnb / Nobroker.

Let me know in the comments below which one of the above is your favourite business ideas in India with low investment. Also.. correct me if I got it worng somewhere!

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